Last week, I travelled to Berlin for Bread & Butter Tradeshow to meet up with all my friends, and was invited by Damian the founder of Native Shoes and Sportswear International, one of the biggest fashion publications to participate on a panel, speaking on the topic of the Future Of Fashion.

alongside on the panel was Michael Paradise – Owner. The Stronghold. Los Angeles/USA, Torsten Widarzik – General Manager German Group. Levi Strauss Deutschland GmbH. Frankfurt am Main/Germany, and Damian Van Zyll De Jong – Founder. Native Shoes. Vancouver/Canada.

The conversation was very slow in the beginning but got interesting and the take away from the conversation really was about how to connect with the consumers and how fashion brands and retailers should deal with the future of connecting with their consumers, its quite interesting how social media has taken such a huge turn for the most favorable means of communication.

another topic of discussion was the play between vintage and modern as well as high fashion vs street fashion and the future of these categories, towards the end of the panel, i felt like they were just trying to pick our brain on how to solve the problems that were evolving in their heads.

the coolest thing is they had cars that took us everywhere we wanted to go after the talk!  thanks so much Damian (native) and Sportswear International for having me!


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