a few days ago, i had the privilege to meet with Florian Kaps, the founder and creator of The Impossible Project” He is the one to single handedly save the Polaroid Factory from shutting down, It was so difficult that he named his company “the impossible project”

he told me the story about how he got started and i think its really amazing, a lot of conversations and persuading people, to make a long story short, Florian was invited to the closing ceremony of Polaroid’s film plant announcing the shut down of the plant, Along with his counterpart André Bosman, he scrounged up some euro’s to save the plant from shutting down, and the rest is history.

Using new development materials and new techniques, he brought back what was so close to extinction into full force.

He then teamed up with Jun – from Tokyo to make it global, also working with Nigo on some special edition film,  the result is millions of packs of film sold and lots of happy people.

Florian is so cool, i brought him to Happy Film, the coolest store that sells film, to check out the scene, and also meet with Harlim, which is one of our good friends and amazing photographer from his company Glam Fab 

speaking of Poloroid’s Harlim is going to be hosting his 8 x 10 Polaroid Exhibition and book launch starting August 10th!

today was a good day

– by kevin poon 


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