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today i would like to introduce you to our newest location to JUICE in Kowloon, @ woodhouse. 

our store is located at 44 Nathan Road, in Tsim Sha Tsui

here is some shots i did for a local magazine, showcasing Patta, and Herschel Bags,

as well as Anything and Odie x Clot T-shirt

Odd Future and Clot x Jam Home Made accessories

also a surprise visit from elana and garrett from garrett leight eyewear!

our store officially opened last week on the 11th and will be having an opening party this coming July 18th, here is a screen cap of the google maps

alongside the Juice store opening, will be Hilary’s Omigod store as well as Johanna Ho’s shop!

come check it out if you are on the darkside!

look forward to seeing you out there!


the other night, we were asked to help host Carrera Eyewear and Blitz (Lane Crawford TST) launch their new pop up store called the “15 seconds of frame” Carrera being a very much heritage brand, opened their archives to showcase their classic eyewear pieces + the modern take on it. The Blitz space was literally on fire that night, with friends & family coming from all over HK to Kowloon to celebrate.

here is Kim Kollar & Lindsay Jang

the place was packed like never before.

Cinddidy, Lindsay and Vincent

here’s Fed Tan AKA the Major and myself

Phat, KSone, Ting, and Kit

Janice Man rocking out

the girls, lindsay, miss amy, bobo, juju, may, and hilary

more girls. @ jamcast

Kathy Chow, Hilary, and Johanna Ho

until next time!


a few days ago, i had the privilege to meet with Florian Kaps, the founder and creator of The Impossible Project” He is the one to single handedly save the Polaroid Factory from shutting down, It was so difficult that he named his company “the impossible project”

he told me the story about how he got started and i think its really amazing, a lot of conversations and persuading people, to make a long story short, Florian was invited to the closing ceremony of Polaroid’s film plant announcing the shut down of the plant, Along with his counterpart André Bosman, he scrounged up some euro’s to save the plant from shutting down, and the rest is history.

Using new development materials and new techniques, he brought back what was so close to extinction into full force.

He then teamed up with Jun – from Tokyo to make it global, also working with Nigo on some special edition film,  the result is millions of packs of film sold and lots of happy people.

Florian is so cool, i brought him to Happy Film, the coolest store that sells film, to check out the scene, and also meet with Harlim, which is one of our good friends and amazing photographer from his company Glam Fab 

speaking of Poloroid’s Harlim is going to be hosting his 8 x 10 Polaroid Exhibition and book launch starting August 10th!

today was a good day

– by kevin poon 



next monday will be the start of converse taking over this territory we live in called Hong Kong.

For the longest time this region has been run by a distributor and its quite an exciting time for Converse to take back possibly one of the most important markets in our region.

looking forward to seeing everyone this monday ! invite only but i am sure i’ll be seeing a lot of you out there !

Bread & Butter Berlin

wanted to show you some of the highlights from Bread & Butter Berlin.

hosted at the airport hanger of the old airport in Berlin, the space is huge, brands from around the world showcasing all their newest styles up & coming!

The show was divided into many areas, and the one that most interested me was the “sport & street” area where some of my friends took booths to showcase their newest creations.

here is Lyndon from Herschel Supply Co, meeting clients & talking about the newest collection.

here is Lyndon’s brother Jaime that is the head of design, and Lindsay from Yardbird, old friends chopping it up

here’s Michael from LAMJC telling us which one is his favorite bag of the season…. the BIRRRRDDDD

on the other side, was Native Shoes’s booth,

also showing is one of my favorite brands “happy socks

just wanted to give a big shout out to everyone that made berlin enjoyable. until next time !


Last week, I travelled to Berlin for Bread & Butter Tradeshow to meet up with all my friends, and was invited by Damian the founder of Native Shoes and Sportswear International, one of the biggest fashion publications to participate on a panel, speaking on the topic of the Future Of Fashion.

alongside on the panel was Michael Paradise – Owner. The Stronghold. Los Angeles/USA, Torsten Widarzik – General Manager German Group. Levi Strauss Deutschland GmbH. Frankfurt am Main/Germany, and Damian Van Zyll De Jong – Founder. Native Shoes. Vancouver/Canada.

The conversation was very slow in the beginning but got interesting and the take away from the conversation really was about how to connect with the consumers and how fashion brands and retailers should deal with the future of connecting with their consumers, its quite interesting how social media has taken such a huge turn for the most favorable means of communication.

another topic of discussion was the play between vintage and modern as well as high fashion vs street fashion and the future of these categories, towards the end of the panel, i felt like they were just trying to pick our brain on how to solve the problems that were evolving in their heads.

the coolest thing is they had cars that took us everywhere we wanted to go after the talk!  thanks so much Damian (native) and Sportswear International for having me!