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Flashback Thursday Early

Yesterday I spent almost all day cleaning up the office, i am trying to build a photography studio, which i hope you will see unravel here as well as a DJ studio, so what started off as a really excruciating thing to do became quite interesting because it was a quick flash down memory lane

scrummaging thru the magazines, i decided to do my own review of my most favorite touch covers of all times,

here is CLOT SALVATION ARMY from 2008 i believe.

here is the touch cover for 2007 when we first started selling “Head Porter” at the store.

Yumiko for Clot Fantasy on Touch Cover

Anjay for Clot on Touch

and Kaws Vs. Shu Qi for Touch Magazine!

okay, the photography room is clean now, got to get some lights and some hanging racks for the backdrop, hope we can do some portraits out of the room soon !