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Before i left on my trip to berlin, i had a chance to drop by the Celine Eyewear Pre Fall Exhibition.

Celine is definitely one of the brands that are on my top 10 luxury brands, i love what Phoebe Philo has done to the brand, and the new looks she has created, even I own a few items.

Today they were showcasing the new line of eyewear which now includes optical frames, I had the pleasure to share a glass of champagne with Stefania which runs the whole operations.

We chatted about Hong Kong, about staying at the Pennisula and how / when Celine is going to introduce Mens. She told me that the first experience into making a possible hush hush men’s collection is when they experiment with eyewear, and pointed me into the direction of the eyewear and how they are unisex styles.

whats even more special is that celine eyewear now has a revised “Asian Fit” which is made especially for Asians who have a lesser nose bridge area than Europeans or North Americans. Which makes it even more comfortable to wear and its great when brands have this special attention to detail which they have to tailor make eyewear and open new molds of eyewear especially for Asians.

(you can’t see it from this photo but its behind the nose)

and another interesting point to note is now Celine is venturing into the Optical, which means more amazing eyewear for the daytime

collections hit stores end of the year be ready!